Sotogrande Polo, Spain

At the beginning of the 60s, Sotogrande, located in the municipality of San Roque (Cádiz) was a large and practically uninhabited estate made up of several rural estates: “Paniagua”, “Valderrama”, “El Conchudo”, “Los Canos” and “La Higuera”. From then to the present date the progression of Sotogrande has been extraordinary, becoming one of the most prestigious luxury estates in Europe.

The first polo field in Sotogrande, the legendary field of “La Playa”, was built in 1965 with the support of Enrique Zobel. In 1967, the first polo tournaments were held. These competitions had a very family nature and were played between friends on the legendary field of “La Playa”.

In 1971, the renowned Golden Cup of Sotogrande was played for the first time ever.

Santa María Polo Club

Sotogrande, Spain, 2011

Images © Evelina Simkute

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Artist and curator, founder of Šilainiai Project.

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